Sziget festival continues to offer one of the most diverse and open-minded programs in the world, making sure that it is much more than ‘just’ a music festival. Here’s 9 things not to miss at this years edition.


1. Special Parties
Sziget prides itself on being a place where you can be free and meet like minded people from around the world. Clapping Stick Party, Ball Party, Flag Party, Colour Party, Birthday Party, Cheer Pom-Pom Party, End show party – make sure you join in one of those at the main stage to have fun and make new friends.

2. Giant Street Theatre
This year’s Giant Street Theatre act is a unique show, created especially for Sziget as a joint performance of two companies from two different countries. Collectif Arbuste (F) returns to Sziget after last year’s huge success, bringing a special version of their show, INSTRUMENTARIUM. They are joined by Aerial Jockey Strada (E) and their jaw-dropping show, ETEREFEEL. Take a trip into the wild and futuristic world of LATALAYA, a collision of spectacular aerobatics and percussion based live-electronic music, spiced with colorful lights, all set on and around an industrial tower-structure.

3. Cirque du Sziget & Fidelio Theatre and Dance Stage
Sziget is well-known for hosting the most exciting and most actual performing art shows every year. This year you can enjoy the program of Cirque du Sziget & the Fidelio Theatre and Dance Tent, where you will see spectacular productions from around the world to entertain you – definitely check out the options!


4. Artzone
When it comes to the visual landscape of Sziget, Art and installations are an important part of the festival. ArtZone is a heart shaped lovely venue on the Northern part of Sziget. Here you can dive into a whole different universe and make your own bags, chairs and paintings. So many things to do here.

5. Luminarium
Luminarium arrives to Sziget for the fourteenth time this year straight from the UK, inviting you to dive into this 800 square meter inflatable sculpture. This is truly a sculpture, where the artist is the architect and the painting is done by the sunlight.

6. Magic Mirror
The tent of Magic Mirror has a wonderful atmosphere, not just hosting (probably) the most amazing parties until sunrise, but also super exciting talks and film screenings. Moreover you can see the record-breaking, award winning show LIMBO that finally makes its debut at Sziget Festival between 10-15 August.


7. Sziget Beach
This hidden corner of Sziget is a sacred place, where chill music is helping you to relax and get ready for the party. Do some yoga, take part in one of our dance workshops or just sip your cocktail and enjoy your holiday!

8. Sport TV Sport Zone
Did you know that you can even do sports at Sziget? Sports: small pitch football, beach volleyball, streetball, table tennis, table football, darts, badminton, table hockey, petanque, frisbee, teqball & fun programs as: BAGJUMP, adventure park, climbing wall, goldsprint, rowing ergometer, billiard football, dodgebow.

9. Boart Parties
Everyone loves a boat party and to help celebrate the 25th anniversary edition of Sziget festival you can enjoy a special boat party on the river Danube with DJ’s Michael Mayer, Mano Le Tough, DJ W!ld, Gus Gus and Henry Saiz. The elegant pleasure-boat offers something for everyone: be it chilling in bean bag chairs with the Parliament in the background, or going crazy in a pulsing party on board.

Sziget tickets are selling fast, so visitors do well to buy their passes as early as possible. The festival takes place in Budapest between 10-17 August.

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