Maintaining the momentum from a breakthrough 2019, red hot UK rock collective Counterfeit. share the music video for their first new song of the new year, The New Insane.


On their own terms, Counterfeit. staked out a spot at the forefront of modern music. Igniting a catchy combo of genre bending melodies the UK outfit turned up with a universally acclaimed full-length debut in 2017 entitled Together We Are Stronger.

The new song arrives hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed single It Gets Better. The song’s positive message turned heads on both sides of the pond with KERRANG! praising the tune as “incredibly wholesome.”

The visual bottles the frenetic energy of the song. Awash in blood-red hues, the band thrashes about in silhouette as distorted bass echoes amidst thunderous drums and jagged riffing. The video was shot over the course of their UK/European tour earlier last year.

Adding to their accolades, the band continues on their European tour joining Palaye Royale, and will be playing numerous festivals this summer. For tour dates and more info please visit and/or