Organizers of Rock for People festival pulls out a high calibre weapon and announce another headliner for 2017 – Die Antwoord. The band is currently cited as the weirdest and most perverse on the circuit. Their last year’s Prague performance was one of the fastest selling concerts of the year.

Die Antwoord come from a suburban district away from the main cultural centres of Europe and America, and their roots have worked to transform into an international phenomenon. They have attracted millions of fans all over the world by their direct approach and by their willingness to speak openly and without scruples in places where its usually silent.

The band have based their promotional strategy on their exotic origins and aesthetic of shock. Both these things wouldn’t work such successfully without their music. And their music is throughout modern, derives from the hip hop and strongest electronic genres. Ninjy’s brutal rap corresponds with exaggerated ¥o-landi Vi$$er – a spiteful, provocative Barbie with strange taste and an unmistakable voice. They are backed up by God (formerly known as DJ Hi-Tek), hidden beside the rack with a generally grotesque mask. They have released a total of four studio albums and thirteen videos, each of them breaking every single taboo in the book. Their latest album turned out to be the biggest commercial success in band’s history.

Die Antwoord will headline the first day of the festival, Tuesday, July 4th. Festival passes are are sold on, starting at 72€. Now go on sale also limited number of 2000 one-day tickets, for each festival day, priced at 50€. Don’t miss the opportunity to see live performances of this unique band!

Hradec Kralove, Czech republic
4th – 6th July 2017