While Gothenburg legends In Flames finish the last shows of their co-headlining arena tour with Five Finger Death Punch, the band has announced their own two day festival. It will be called Borgholm Brinner and will be held at the infamous Borgholm Castle of Eastern Sweden’s island of Öland.


On each night of the festival, the band will perform an exclusive and unique headlining set after a lineup of five or so other bands that will be announced soon. All of this will be going down on July 27th and 28th.

I think every band dreams of being able to do this one day – at least for us it’s always been in the back of our minds and right now feels like the best time to do it. Whether or not it’s putting on your own festival, it’s an indescribable feeling to have created a community from your music, and even crazier to have the ability bring that community together in a physical place – playing and enjoying music together, drinking together etc. And in a castle of all places. That’s another thing. It wouldn’t be an In Flames festival if it were just happening on a plot of dirt. It’s got to be special so our fans can have the ultimate experience, so we can pay them back for being so great to us for 20 years with an awesome weekend they’ll never forget. We’ve also hand picked the best bands for everyone to enjoy and although we can’t say who’s playing yet, we can promise there will be no disappointments,” says singer Anders Fridén.

In Flames have recently released a digital EP titled Down, Wicked & No Good which features covers of Depeche Mode’s It’s No Good, Alice In Chains’ Down In A Hole, and Chris Issak’s Wicked Game, along with a live cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt. Due to a high demand from Jesterheads, the songs will be also released as a limited 10′ mini LP (out on March 16th), which is available to pre-order HERE.

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