Ahead of the re-release of their catalyst debut album Ember To Inferno, firebrands Trivium have unearthed a rare demo for the fans to get their hands on early. They will now receive The Storm as an instant grat track.


The Storm is a Trivium track of legend. It’s been completely absent from the world for ages since it was only very briefly available on Caeruleus (Trivium’s Blue Demo), which pre-dates any of the band’s albums and harks back to their earliest days. Frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy was just 16 years old when this was recorded. This demo has been rumoured to be priced at hundreds of dollars on auction websites. The song lyrically is inspired by the Norwegian Oskoreia – a European folk legend that is understood to have inspired black metal’s very creation. The Storm foreshadows the direction that Trivium would eventually take with their more progressive pieces – it is a blend of instrumental technicality, melody, and brutality.

Ember To Inferno will be released in four configurations, with the deluxe editions containing the band’s earliest recordings: Ruber (the Red Demo), Caeruleus (the Blue Demo) and Flavus (the Yellow Demo). Fans can pre-order all formats online via triv.lnk.to/ETI