American metalcore band Bad Omens and multi-hyphenate Poppy join forces for a collaborative new single V.A.N. Written and produced by Bad Omens’ frontman Noah Sebastian, the song is the first glimpse of what the band will be offering on their upcoming album, the Concrete Forever project also known as Concrete Jungle OST.


V.A.N is an industrial metal masterpiece about an artificial intelligence entity set out on a course to destroy humanity. The track immediately captivates the listener with Bad Omens’ hypnotic production and Poppy’s angelic, whispering vocals as she takes on the role of the Concrete Jungle Universe AI character V.A.N. It then shock-transitions into a powerful onslaught of frantic drums, heavy guitars and Poppy’s vocals evolving from otherworldly tones to aggro screams.

That’s a song that started just with the hook ‘Violence against nature’, and then after saving the project with the acronym and seeing it we realized it could be fun to think of ‘VAN’ as a name. Thus the rabbit hole of ideas began that led us to decide to write lyrics from the perspective of an artificial intelligence gone rogue,” …

Playing off the AI concept of the track and taking additional visual inspiration from the video game Portal, the film Ex Machina, and Stranger Things, the story is brought to life by a visually stunning sci-fi thriller. In the mini film written by Noah Sebsastian, Poppy, and Garrett Nicholson, Poppy portrays a synthetic human being held captive and subjected to experiments in a laboratory, eventually escaping and embarking on a murderous rampage. Watch the Garrett Nicholson and Poppy directed video HERE.

Fans will get to experience “V.A.N” live for the very first time on the European leg of Bad Omens’ CONCRETE FOREVER tour with Poppy. The tour kicks off in Berlin, Germany this Friday, January 27th and international fans can tune in to livestreams of the sold out shows from Cologne, Germany on January 28th and 29th, exclusively on VEEPS.

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