Released as the fifth single from their new full-length album F8, Five Finger Death Punch shares the music video for the track A Little Bit Off, which is now Top 5 at Active Rock radio. The video was shot during lockdown in a deserted car-free Las Vegas where Ivan Moody is the only soul on a sidewalk usually crowded with people.

A Little Bit Off FFDP

Five Finger Death Punch’s current release, F8, debuted at #1 on on Rock charts worldwide with a Top 10 Mainstream chart debut in the US, Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and more. The band has amassed over 7 billion streams to date, over 3 billion video views and is the biggest artist in the hard rock space measured by total consumption (digital sales added to digital streams converted to sales) having recently surpassed Metallica and AC/DC.

Having conceptualized the idea for the video, FFDP’s guitarist Zoltan Bathory explains: “Our new record F8 came out right at the exact moment Covid-19 smashed into western society and (naturally) all attention was diverted to the pandemic. It placed us in a difficult situation, where on one hand this is probably the best album we have ever made, on the other it felt insensitive to promote a record on full tilt boogie while people were dying all across the world, businesses closed down, and the economy went face down in a ditch. Since it affects all public events, and tours are cancelled for who knows how long, artists also became victims of the fallout. So we decided to make this video a snapshot of the unprecedented times and underline it with some humor to at least lighten the overall gloomy vibes. However, here we are today ready to release it… but thinking once again… is it insensitive to debut the video now that the world is on fire…🔥 I guess this will turn out to be the anthem for 2020… We are all “a little bit off today.