Rock in Vienna – Vienna’s first rock festival, will shake the summer of 2015 with harder sounds instead of classical music and brings you a brilliant 3-day rock party on Vienna’s Danube Island from 4th to 6th June 2015.

You can’t even remotely know what crazy means unless you were listening to Turbonegro. Their current name is actually the customer-friendly version, as the label thought for some reason that Nazipenis wouldn’t sell that well. But not only their music is wicked, but the band and their members also are. Happy-Tom, Duke of Nothing and the rest of the band don’t only look like they went bananas, but this craziness also reflects on their music. The Norwegians like to be the center of attention with their bonkers shows and their lyrics, which is the reason why we wanted them at Rock in Vienna, to spice things up even more than they already are. So don’t forget: Get the cobra out of your ass and party with the animals.

Hellyeah it’s not just a band name, it’s a life style, a religion, a bunch of hot to death rockers whose musical past is already bringing goosebumps to metalheads’ ears. The former lead singer of Mudvayne, Nothingface guitarist, Kyle Sanders and the drummer of Pantera and Damageplan united to become the ultimate heavy metal super band. The smoky voice, the chunky riffs and the grandiose beats will rock the Danube Island so hard, not a stone will be left standing.

Coal Chamber – the history of this band is truly a rollercoaster of emotions: having Sharon Osbourne as your manager, losing some band members due to Jesus and children, little divorce due to troubles between founding member and wifey… Though, one might say that all the negative things happening always as well caused good things or other way around. Now finally the dark days of the band is finally over and even though the Californians want to get back slowly they are not being exactly delicate with their music instruments, hitting them hard and bringing out musicnotes you never knew existed. Old and new fans of the band can happily look forward to the album Rivals, arriving on the 19th May and them arriving on 6th June 2015 to Rock in Vienna.

Three Days Grace promised us harder tunes when they would arrive in Vienna! The Canadian band was joined by a new member and he is already going all the way to prove himself to you. Even though the founding member Adam Gontier had to leave them, their success won’t get any less. With the promise of handling the guitar bass harder than before they want to invite you to a round of moshpit at the Danube Island in Vienna this year.

Which band can say for themselves that they have 2 of their own festivals, a cruise, are in a state of national heroes, were invited by the president and not to forget brought half a million people in front of their stage at the polish Przystanek Woodstock Festival? The sympathic Swedes of Sabaton are currently the one exceptional phenomenon of heavy metal! The new arrival is surely worth a visit at Rock in Vienna.

The Dead Daisies will as well be blowing your minds and ears away full throttle on Saturday! An absolute All Star Band put together, such as Jon Stevens (INXS), Richard Fortus (Guns´N Roses), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), Dizzy Reed (Guns´N Roses), Brian Tichy (Ozzy Ossbourne, Billy Idol..) and David Lowy (Red Phoenix). A bunch of famous names, which are a must see and of course a must hear.

Rock in Vienna invites all to come and headbang, offering 2 open air stages in the middle of the city, with ideal transport connections. Headlining the event are no less than METALLICA, MUSE and KISS! Tickets are sold on From 11th March are also available one-day festival tickets.