English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa entertained the world last week with her online livestream extravaganza Studio 2054, breaking online livestream records with over 5 million views. Due to phenomenal demand the livestream will continue to be available until Sunday, December 6th, 23:59pm on LIVENow with tickets priced at £7.50 / 8.50 Euro / $10.00.


We are exceptionally proud of what we achieved on Friday night. This was a highly complex and choreographed production and it proved that our music business can operate globally at scale. “Studio 2054” shows that artists can create unique live events, designed to experience at home, that delight their fans and attract major sponsors. This is not easy, but we have proved if you get the creative format and marketing right, there is significant and growing consumer demand around the world for streamed live music events,” says director of LIVENow, Marc Watson.

Official numbers include over 1.9 million unique log-ins from China, 95,000 from India and 263,264 tickets sold across the regular ticketing platforms meaning that the 5 million views number is both conservative and a not-yet-final number.