Ahead of the release of their highly-anticipated new album Never Let Me Go, on March 25th, 2022, English alternative-rock band Placebo shares another new track off the record, Happy Birthday In The Sky.


Happy Birthday In The Sky follows the previous singles Beautiful James, Surrounded By Spies and Try Better Next Time, each of which offered its own unique glimpse into what has been weighing on the minds of the band in the near decade since their last album release. Where the album’s opening singles considered themes of personal accountability, tech-saturation and humanity’s true place in the world, the newest one is Placebo at their heart-breaking best. Brian Molko grips every word and releases it in a flurry of controlled expressive outpouring, revisiting dark emotions to tell a story of loss and the mechanisms we use to cope with it.

Happy Birthday In The Sky is one of the most heartbreaking moments on the album for me. The song title is a phrase that I’ve been using for quite some time. When I say, happy birthday to people who aren’t with us anymore, it communicates the kind of heartbreak that we’re really, really good at communicating I think. You know that sense of loss, that sense of desperation. It’s as if a part of your body and your soul has been ripped from you unfairly. What I am thinking is that this is kind of so visceral and so intense emotionally that it’s really going to communicate something very powerful to the listener,” says band’s frontman Brian Moloko.